krut Wrote:
Aug 14, 2012 4:24 PM
THIS DOES NOT AFFECT SENIORS CURRENTLY IN MEDICARE - IT ONLY APPLIES TO PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 54. THE VOUCHER IDEA IS JUST ONE POTENTIAL OPTION. OBAMACARE REMOVES $500,000,000,000 IN MEDICARE FUNDING - NO WAY DOES THIS IMPROVE THE SOLVENCY OF MEDICARE. My apologies for the "yelling" but these liberals are either the stupidest people on the planet or the most intellectually dishonest. You base your argument on ideas that in reality do not exist. This plan relates to the young who one day will have the option to do a voucher. The voucher system is just an option and not mandatory. Gutting funding for medicare will help the solvency of said program? I sincerely hope you do not breed. Willfully ignorant morons.