Anonymous16936 Wrote:
Aug 14, 2012 3:48 PM
Mr Sowell, I've read the Simpson-Bowles Report 'The Deficit Spending & Taxes' , watched the Feb 2010 video, as well as Obama's scathing response to Ryan's comments, and it just looks to me like Obama is saying 'if it's not his way, it's no way'. It seems even after all the work of the Simpson-Bowels Report, their findings are dismissed (the Gang of six, the Obama budget (1st voted no, then the 12 yr plan) because it doesn't fit their plans. In other words "if it is not their idea, it's not a good idea." I am truly worried. If people only knew what the medicare and sr plan really says, they'd go along with the proposals. Simpson-Bowles spells it out so even I can understand it.