elijah1757 Wrote:
Aug 12, 2012 9:57 PM
And as the 3 cells converge in fury with ripping wind, tumultuous waves and ear-cracking thunderbolts, the doomed vessel sails on. Passengers jettison their lives for the sake of the ship while at the helm, Ahab’s half-checked grin is accompanied by a hideous, laughter-filled cry from the crows-nest above shouting, “TAKE IT DOWN, CAPTAIN, TAKE IT DOWN!” But low, flying over the gunwale, the grappling hooks take hold. The passengers cheer, not yet seeing the arrival of someone courageous enough to attempt a commandeering in these stormy seas. But hope remains, that whoever it is would grasp the wheel and pull the rudder to abort this disasterous course. SAVE AMERICA? GET AHAB OFF THE WHEEL!