Paul5702 Wrote:
Aug 12, 2012 4:33 AM
'Ol Yellow-toothed Reid said in early March 2012, 9 + months before the end of the year mind you, went on record and said the Senate, '..wouldn't have time..' to take care of a budget plan this year as well! 9 + freakin' months! THAT'S 'our' Senate Majority Leader, folks. Both Reid and the idiotic, fictional, 'Republican's would have filibustered it' sound bite the moron, soup bowl-haircut, ex- Speaker Pelosi provided on, 'The Jon Stewart Show' nearly 2 years ago is WHY the Democrat's ahem, 'leaders' are a sick joke and in many instances.. enemies of the state. I hope Reid 'enjoyed' his recess. A-hole.