insect43 Wrote:
Aug 11, 2012 7:40 AM
The only book which retains it's value for over 2millenia is the Bible, but how many have forgotten this truly great book. Its so easy if one wishes to wallow in filth and enjoy the homesexual lifestyle or smoke some crack. Who cares what some smelly book tells you? Actually, God gave the Ten Commandments, not the 10 thinga to chill to an meditate on yeah thats cool bro. NO, THEY ARE COMMANDMENTS, something the ungodly have forgotten. Take Muslim Obongo and polygamist Moronry and put them on a raft in the Amazon surrounded by Flesh eating fish. America needs a Christian leader, one who is prepared to enforce the laws of God. Get rid of the imposter and give us Huckaby or Santorum paired wth Bachmann or Paln.