lillith70 Wrote:
Aug 10, 2012 3:46 PM
Are gay activists for NAMBLA? The Civil Rights movement were not expressing the desire for Black Power but it took over the movement and ruined it IMO. And ruined it for the people it was to help rise in society ans integrate. Who are the racial haters of today? A study should number them but the subject is verboten! In the end People usually do not hate people they know. But it is so easy to hate those we name "the other" the nameless, faceless other whom it is okay to mass murder even ala Hitler who tossed gays into the pot with the Jews and Gypsies. GOP or Cons so conveniently, The Other to libs IMO. I was a dem but am too liberal in thought to be a Liberal-trite and ideology-bound. Soaring minds, fuggedit!