lhymes Wrote:
Aug 10, 2012 7:36 AM
Leah Barkoukis says another story of success because a man in Utah stop a man from stabbing folks in a store.Yes that was good.What I want to know what was the first story of sucess.Was it Trayvon Martin the kid in the rain?Was it the fool shooting up the theatre?Was it the White Supremaist killing the sikht? Its sucess when bullets arenot flying around your dumb butt.Ask some one whos ever been where bullets are flying.We have all kinds of fools out here with guns who mean well and their bullets hit the wrong person.Why dont you ask the families of my sons 7 friends who never came back from afghanistan.They went to fight to stop weapons of Mass destrcution that wasnt there.Cheney wanted these wars so bad he licked his sneaky lips