Triglidae Wrote:
Aug 09, 2012 8:02 PM
Just to keep things "real"....9/hr equals about 1400.00 a month. Assuming that the person is not a kid in high school, you get to room mates, each paying 500 a month for rent and utilities, 200 for a used car, and 300 a month for food, that still leaves you 400 a month for fun things. So, yes, a person could live on that. So up every day, bust you butt, and in 6 months you move to supervisor/ dept manager. 2 years later, if you are willing to move around, you are a store manager. You do not NEED cable, cell phone, etc to survive. Also, if you ar ein college, you are going to get a further 300-400 a month from financial aid, after you pay for classes and books.