Michael49 Wrote:
Aug 09, 2012 9:29 AM
@Robert1260; You sure play fast and furious (no pun intended) with your figures. If you took the time to actually research facts as you claim you wouldn't have made the eroneous claim for just one example alone, that President Bush #43 added 9 Trillion dollars. In an article by Mark Knoller dated 3/19/2012 on the CBS news site gave these figures: When Bush took office in 2001 the Deficit stood at $5.7Trillion 8 years later he added $4.899Trillion to end the Deficit at $10.626Trillion. When Obama took over with the deficit being at the beginning of 2009 $10.626 Trillion and as of today it now being just 3 years and 8 months since Obama's been in office the figure today is $15.9Trillion and rising. That's more than $5.274Trillion