PresidentDon Wrote:
Aug 09, 2012 3:52 AM
It is easy for you youngsters to complain about the United Auto Workers Union, but my stepfather worked hand in hand with Walter Reuther in 1939-1940 era when workers worked 12 hr shifts for 25 cents/hr, no breaks, and actually had to eat lunch on the run while the line kept moving. There was little to no worker safety, many injuries, and when injured you lost your job. There was always someone at the door waiting for a job, because they and their family were hungry. While I was never a Union man because I worked at TV servicing, and Electronic Engineering where we were well paid for our technical skills, not labor. The Unions brought weight limits forced to lift, the results 40 hr week, 1.5 next 8 hrs, and double time after that. Good?