TruthorDie Wrote:
Aug 08, 2012 11:23 PM
This is NOT 2008. So much has changed. Yes, our country has suffered horrific financial; cultural; and emotional injuries. HOWEVER, a series of EVENTS; NEW "PLAYERS"; HUGELY SUPPORTIVE CONTRIBUTIONS; AND O'Blarney's OWN GAFFES; LIES; AND SHEER INSANITY HAVE PUT "BIG O" on defense. "The private sector is doing fine!" "The fence on the border is now basically complete!" "After my election, I will have more flexibility!" "We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil!" "You didn't build that" So many MORE NEW ALLIES HAVE JOINED MITT'S COUNTER-ATTACKS. MITT HAS BEEN MASTERFUL WITH DIGITAL MEDIA; TWITTER; FACEBOOK; AND MORE Key Insight: Only through "sampling tricks" has the Media put on a "brave face", claiming victory!