steven, cpo,usn(ret) Wrote:
Aug 08, 2012 1:05 PM
Kevin32 - Nothing wrong? Are you an idiot? GM has been losing market share for a long time now. You disagree with Toyota, Honda, etc, that is your opinion. The last (and only GM product I had was a Cavalier... never again.) The day (and I mean literally the day after the company warranty ended, the driver's side window wouldn't work. The problem was the plastic/nylon cog was stripped. Could I replace the cog... no, I had to buy a whole new motor unit. F_U. Ford is another story... have had several fords. (1971 mustang mach I, 1986 Maverick, 1993 ford escort) that I liked and could do minor repairs myself. Currently own: 1997 Ford Ranger pickup, 1991 Mercedes SL500, and two motorcycles: 1993 BMW K75RT and an 1985 BMW K100RS.