Jason95 Wrote:
Aug 08, 2012 8:59 AM
Will Obama hunt himself for how he treated George Zimmerman, I mean he is HISPANIC or are they not a minority to be worshiped?! Yes, I know, how dare he survive the attack of Trayvon martin and fight back in a duel to the death, how dare the racist bigoted coroner say Martin had bruised knuckles!!! I guess if it's between a liberal blac boy (the only kind that matter, apparently conservative blacks boys don;t count) and a HIspanic, the Hispanic needs to let the Bloack teenager win and kill him or the Hispanic will wish he had, and get killed twice by law! Then hollywood will get in the act, Spike Lee, will get a Hispanics parents address wrong, bt don;t worry it will be corrected by Rosanne Barr! I guess Moochelle isn;t serios abot obesity!