anonymous3784 Wrote:
Aug 08, 2012 8:22 AM
1st- I've seen more Hispanic/Latino panhandlers than I care to count in New Mexico. Goldberg's friend's theory doesn't hold water in places where liberalism has decimated the proud Patron culture. 2nd- while I concur with Goldberg more often than not, in this case his whole premise is gobbldygook because Romney has ancestral roots in Mexico. Hailing from a Hispanic/Latino dominated region, I will caution all who suggest that Hispanic/Latino voters can be swayed on the merits of policy. Policy will always be the lesser consideration for Hispanic/Latino voters to heritage. 'Course, it's not just Hispanic/Latino voters, as we saw from the 96% support that Barry Seotoro got from the Black Community in the 2008 election. People vote their own!