Tertius Wrote:
Aug 06, 2012 7:42 PM
I do not understand why Republicans are so concerned over the polls. That Quinnipiac poll cited had a D+19 partisan sampling advantage. In 2008, whn Obamamania was at its peak, the turnout was D+8. It was around D+4 in 2010 when the Tea Party emerged as the energizing force in the Republican Party. Now, with unemployment at 8.3%, no economic recovery, a $16T debt, and numerous other problems, the question is will Democrat enthusiasm increase in 2012 such that the partisan turnout advantage will approach D+19 as in the Quinnipiac poll or will it hold at 2010 levels or decline. Now, there's a reason pollsters skew their polls like that. They know if they consistently show Obama losing, Dem turnout will diminish.