A_Once_Proud_American Wrote:
Aug 06, 2012 4:38 PM
By the way... while you are looking for John Galt, try looking for John Boehner.... Lord knows he not doing anyting for our country. Now the gestapo in charge, since he did not legally get the right to usurp the internet, want to do it by " EXECUTIVE ORDER" AND, if congress does it's usual, nothing will be done and the biggest crook in history will destroy another item in the consitution in order to get his way while congress, our protectors, do the same thing the media press is doing: LOOK THE OTHER WAY... ISN'T EVERYTHING JUST WONDERFUL???? What a disappointment.... in our lying, immoral president and our disfunctional, weak, self-centered Boehner. The same ilk as pelosi and reid!!! THANK YOU TEA PARTY.... FOR PROTECTING US!!