Mel221 Wrote:
Aug 06, 2012 8:23 AM
I was hoping to see a response to John's column but got bogged down in all the "debate" of the kind of fuel we should use. There's an old saying that "Figures never lie, but liars sure figure" or something like that. I think a good analogy to some of the arguments I have seen for "saving the planet and all that's in it" is the old farmer who has been asked a question. Taking off his hat, wiping his head with his big handkerchief he says , (Well, I figger that, etc., etc." (He wipes his head to stimulate the brain cells, you see) What we have here is a lot of "old farmer" clones, taking off their hats, wiping their heads, "figgering" and running up against John's calculations based on sound logical reasoning. Give it up, figgerers!