Aug 06, 2012 2:43 AM
I agree with most all of what is stated in this great article....but, I don't think it is the objective of the "Progressives" to save either Medicare or Medicaid.....despite what it APPEARS through narrow lenses of ObamaCare. Their long term goal is to slide EVERYONE into SINGLE payer plan; step 1 is going into "ACOs"...then all FEDERAL. They (Progressives) will then initiate a "Non-ACO Physician TAX" to kill off lone stragglers in the solo/concierge practice world.....then apply it to ALL segments of society.....starting with Banks, Auto and Medicine.....will not work in the end , but trillions of dollars will be wasted and many Progressives will line their pockets with "bonus" kickbacks that violate every intent of the "Anti-kickback"