FreeThinkerGuy Wrote:
Aug 05, 2012 6:20 PM
Methinks rather than launching fruitless attaches, SageAdvice 12 might consult some history books. Reagan ran on eliminating the Dept of Ed and failed to even write a bill that could have been introduced. He did blink, with RINO Dole, in kicking the can down the road w/ Soc Sec. He could have stood his ground and leveled w/ the Am people about where soc sec was eventually headed (they all knew it at the time but preferred to cut a deal with Mitchell and Rostenkowski so they could go have a drink). And yes, most "conservatives" do revere Reagan as a God. All one has to do is to tune into most mainstream republican talk radio/TV. Reagan has his good points, certainly, but he wasn't a republican in the Barry Goldwater mold.