Paul5702 Wrote:
Aug 05, 2012 7:45 AM
I agree with most of TH's writer albeit the, '..McCain being an honorable man' shtick. Juan McCain is a squishy, amnesty seeking now 180° strong borders advocate (?) RINO who boasted of his 'crossing the aisle' during the ;08 election.. i.e. SPINELESS actions to appease the Illiberal party's pandering. McCain's been a politician, living off taxpayer's like a welfare recipient for 25 + years. McCain and NUMEROUS other grifters in the swamp are why term limits are NEEDED. 'Honorable'. GTFOH. McCain's 'My friends' every time he spoke during the '08 debates was painful to watch. Adding insult to injury is when he TRIED to bill himself as a Conservative. The guy's a joke. -Independent who drinks no one's kool-aid.