Grandma Shirley Wrote:
Aug 05, 2012 1:49 AM
I don't think Congress has enough Guts to act but just to continue to argue! There doesn't appear to be any leadership! Why do you think that Obama personally addresses the U.N. He, with no authority from our Congress,invaded Libya under the flag of the U.N.! The same thing happened with Egypt! Next will be Syria! Israel is asleep! They are blinded by the light! Obama does not want to represent the U. S. That's why our money goes to the Muslim Brotherhood - To support our demise as a nation! Obama is NOT a U. S. Citizen! He does not want to be President of the U.S. He wants to make the U.S. his stepping stone to become President of the Globe! Destroying us as a nation is his most important step to bringing about this goal!