Truthisthis Wrote:
Aug 04, 2012 12:53 PM
Yes, the US does have this fact,-BUT, the great experiment that our country is, has a price to pay! Don't ever forget, that the Brits, who owned this land before American born people got fed-up with being pushed around without any fair treatment, had to fight the Brits, in order to get RID of them! This was done with GUNS, not nice little words. Hence, the 2nd Amd., for which our forefathers realized, that in order to KEEP a free state, the people are allowed to be armed, so it CAN'T happen again! Read our history. AND, you say we are a failure, compaired to the rest of the world? Check out what is happening RIGHT NOW in SYRIA, where the gov., of that country are murdreing their own people, left-right-and-center. How can this be?-NO GUNS!