rita182 Wrote:
Aug 02, 2012 10:31 PM
#1-Romney has reacted to criticism with wit and class. #2-He not only doesn't take advantage of people, he works to help them. #3-He has humility and often pokes fun at himself. #4-He has never exaggerated his accomplishments. In fact, he downplays most of them. #5-He doesn't have to fantasize what he already has: Success, power, good looks, intelligence and ideal love. #6-He seems to have very reasonable expectations of the treatment he receives from friends and enemies. #7-He doesn't require attention or admiration from anyone. #8-He is very empathetic and is sensitive to the needs of others. #9-He's not obsessed with himself, but with his family, community and country. #10-His goals have always been centered on others.