Christine341 Wrote:
Aug 02, 2012 9:37 PM
What I don't get is when folks crow about "marriage" - from either side of the coin. We weren't married in a church, ergo we have a "civil union' as does EVERY COUPLE DOES WHO WAS NOT MARRIED IN A CHURCH!!! Why do the gays have to argue w/ that, esp. when most of them get married at a courthouse too? Now in our town, sure, we have a gay church, so if MD passes gay marriage, they can, truly, have a marriage. But why do they have to get their knickers twisted so tight & just say "Hey, that works, that'll do & thank you very much." Noooooo, they've got to rock BOTH civil law AND ecclesiastical law, cramming it down our throats. Heck, we have all the privileges & responsibilities as any other "married" couple has, why won't that do for them?