WallyOzzy Wrote:
Aug 01, 2012 5:27 PM
Bain Capital Fund IV LP, Bain Capital Fund IV-B LP, Information Partners Capital Fund LP BCIP Associates and BCIP Trust Associates LP (collectively "Bain") (the "Co-Investors") Perry Capital Corp. (the "Company") STOCKHOLDERS' AGREEMENT "Merger Agreement", August 2, 1994, among the Company, FTD Acquisition Corporation and Florists Transworld Delivery Association 2 Agreements of December 19, 1994: "Stock Subscription Agreements" collectively, the Common-Stock Subscription Agreement between Perry and the Company Common Stock Subscription Agreements between each Co-Investor and the Company SEE THE DESPICABLE ACTS: Circuit Court Oakland CO MI # 94-488126 B of D of Company 6 Perry 3 Bain, of FTDI 6 Perry 2 Bain 2 FTD Assoc