BairdKirkland Wrote:
Aug 01, 2012 4:28 PM
Sir, I am inspired by your article. I for one will begin TODAY to stand up for the "old-fashioned" moral behavior you describe. I have in the past done this, but I confess that recently I have become innured to the rudeness of others. When my daughter was 5, we waited patiently ina long line at the movie theater for popcorn. After 15 minutes, another cashier opened and a women, who should have known better, rushed from the back of our line to be first with the new cashier. I called over to her, "Ma'am," I loudly asked, "how can I teach my 5 year old to wait her turn when you refuse to do so?" She ignored me of course, and I felt somehow I too had been rude, but if no one calls out bad behavior, surely it won't change.