Christine341 Wrote:
Jul 30, 2012 10:37 PM
I don't know jack about weapons. All I know is, you don't point it @ someone & don't stick your finger inside the trigger guard until you're ready to shoot it. And I gotta tell you, even *I* KNEW he was as full of horsepoop as he's ever been since I started watching him, in 2009! Didn't know about all those forms, but I knew not a stick of gum is sold that somebody from one of the alphabet agencies hasn't charted & reported to the DHS! He's getting WAY too middle of the road lately, a little TOO "fair" to Obama, letting him get off scott free & sometimes even agreeing w/ him! Has he become Fox's token liberal? And he STILL drives me up the wall being such an a** to his guests & toadying up to a few folks, like Krauthammer, & few others. BS!