joeH2 Wrote:
Jul 30, 2012 7:33 PM
As a white American and not living in Philly if Eric Holder wants to release a maniac that wants to kill White babies and Obama 's happy that we'll be scared to vote. I say it' OK with me.Can’t republicans and democrats get along. Like the good old days when John Kerry scratched himself 3 times and then called us real Viet Nam vets baby killers. Let’s all get together and have a great Chick-fil-A appreciation day August 1st. Man them chicken sandwiches are so good I think I also saw Anderson Cooper in one around New York with a guy that looked like Cathy Griffin but not as ugly as Cathy. I heard for KY boys that aren’t proud they have a picture of Ballerina Rahm Emanuel in his tootoo. Ps you can’t be getting a tingle up your leg