beeta46 Wrote:
Jul 30, 2012 5:12 PM
Just hide and watch. It sure could not get any worse with Obama turning the Muslim Brotherhood loose in all the muslims countries to riot and kill the leaders that have kept the animals quiet for some years now... Look at the mess he created. I pray that God will direct him in what to do there to save Israel from danger. Just let the others kill themselves. Less we will have to kill later... He is bringing 17.000 here a month. Obama's goal is to have 50 million here in his 8 years if he gets it. They have 8.5 kids per family. Now just imagine how many muslims in usa in 20 yrs. MAJORITY! that and socialism in the usa.. Obamas agenda completed!!! God Help us if he gets 4 more years. We Have a new mosque and school 1mile from us now.