Bill115 Wrote:
Jul 30, 2012 11:37 AM
Take note of the opening quote from Adolph Hitler. Thomas Dodd (father of Senator Chris Dodd) was instrumental in the prosecution of Nazi war criminals at Nuremburg. It is said that while in Germany, he became fascinated with the idea of national gun control as exercised by the Nazis. This belief that national gun control could be workable resulted in the elder Dodd introduceing legislation that became the 1968 Gun Control Act, that would ban the mail order purchase of pistols, rifles and shotguns.Thomas Dodd would eventually be censured by the Senate. He was described as a "Vain and silly man" at one time, by the UN representative to the Congo, Brian Urqhardt. Gun control and ammo control are examples of what "Vain and silly" men will do.