serden Wrote:
Jul 30, 2012 7:17 AM
To be fair, I should have said, I'm surprized you aren't a supporter of Jim DeMint and wouldn't expect such an unworthy comment coming from you. Usually you're comments are some of the more-informed-worthy ones. Your comment here putting down my way of sharing important-political-info-facts-comments is unworthy of a Tea Party Conservative, who's for a strong, normal-sized, not-out-of-control, not-big-spending-Govt ! I have agreed with alot of your comments in the past, so I shouldn't be calling you worthless. But that comment was totally unworthy, a totally worthless comment ! My reply to you should have been: "That is a totally unworthy worthless comment !" My reply to you sayimg that "you're worthless" was overdoing it !