jbirckhead Wrote:
Jul 29, 2012 8:59 PM
What is cruel and unusual punishment. Murderers are incarcarated in a small area for life vwithout parole in many sentences. Death sentences is not a form of murder but a punisment for taking of anothers' life. GOD says we should obey the laws of government. As in the words of GOD from the old testament, An Eye for an Eye. People who murder commit crimes against society and GOD;s law. Either way, I think being jailed until I die is not a gift from any government. Loss of freedom the rest of one's life and the rest of your life to live with that. I would prefer a firing squad. It's over in seconds, not minutes. To me firing squads are more humane if their is such. EITHER WAY IS A HELL OF A PUNISMENT.