Barbara25 Wrote:
Jul 28, 2012 4:09 PM
Speaking of "Forward" with regards to "El Suprem-o", is anyone out there as Disgusted at the Audacity and temerity of the "squatter" in the White House running his "Forward, Re-election advertisement RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OPENING CEREMONIES OF THE OLYMPICS ? ( and to a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE as well, which makes it all the worse). There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that obama will not stoop to for exposure, & both he, & the DNC should hang their heads in shame for running the ad. (Fat Chance of THAT EVER happening, they have NO SHAME). Since the late 50's, the "spirit" of the games, & commitment to fairness, impartiality, and remaining NON-political are to be admired. What obama did was Despicable, yes, Surprising? NO !