rae37 Wrote:
Jul 27, 2012 10:31 AM
Of course, what Howdy Doody doesn't want you to know is the REASON behind the stagnation: GOP obstruction. Oh heck yeah, the Doods can whine and point at Obama's administration and the hairy hordes will lurch at the bait - but the REALITY is clowns in the majority have stopped virtually EVERY initiative Obama and the Dems have put forward to pull us out of Bush's GOP-mismanaged economic nightmare. Nice going, Rethugs --- your stated goal to stick it to Obama in stalling and obliterating every legislation regardless of how it will screw the country as a whole (think credit rating downgrade due to rethuglican tantrums) has worked to keep the economy nearly at a standstill. Craven cowardly Rethugs.