Victor64 Wrote:
Jul 27, 2012 8:05 AM
Obama's going nowhere, YET! Do you reader's out there that Obama is the ONLY LEADER of U.S. EVER PREDICTED IN THE HEBREW-INSPIRED SCRIPTURES(BIBLE is a forbidden pagan word by the way)? YES, in fact he is predicted to exist in Deuteronomy 17:15 & is called the "FORBIDDEN FOREIGNER!" How do I know that it is Obama? Simply because he is the ONLY LEADER OVER ANGLO-SAXONS IN OUR 6,000 YEAR HISTORY THAT IS NOT ANGLO-SAXON! Now, our PUNISHMENT SOON IS TO OCCUR! We, as England, already marxist in their ideology all of the 1900's(e.g., why our CIA masterminded the 60's British Music Invasion by the way) are Israel by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16), not JUDAH(Gen. 49:10). I predict on September 16, 2012 comes the two-witnesses of Revelation! Watch!