libertybel4 Wrote:
Jul 26, 2012 7:14 PM
Obama and the Dems in congress shed crocodile tears over the victims , then see this massacre as an opporunity to push their ban on guns. Take away guns from law-abiding citizens and they are prey to criminals, psychos, tyrants and crooks of every sort. This tragedy has been reported to be the ths cause of the most gun deaths by a single shooter in U.S.history. By the last count I heard that 12 people died and over 50 were wounded. Timothy Mcveigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber, didn't need a single gun to murder168 innocent people and wound 800 more. He used a home-made pipe bomb. The terrorists did their evil work using box cutters as weapons and 3000 people died after the terrorists crashed the planes into buildings.