Jack Bandit Wrote:
Jul 25, 2012 11:31 PM
Oh please! Could you be any more pretentious? Get over yourself. Sure, Fox has a right leaning slant; one network. Now, let's count the left leaning networks, 1. MSNBC, 2. ABC, 3. CBS, 4. CNN. How about Media Matters, Politico, Huffington Post? "Their biggest bias is their cult of equal treatment." Really? When does this equal treatment happen exactly? Even when it was relatively quiet and OWS was rioting, closing businesses (the ones that hire those "99%" people they claim to care so much about), raping women, being racist, those networks still were harping on the tea party. They didn't report on OWS until it was too big not to, or they did it in passing statements. Editing recordings and videos to push an agenda isn't equal treatment