Mike14760 Wrote:
Jul 25, 2012 12:13 PM
Either he is to stupid to know or to corrup to mension that most rifle bullets will penatrate a IIIA bullet resistant vest worn by the police. You don't need armor piercing ammo. Armor piercing ammo sales to civilians was out lawed years ago. I bet you will find out theammo e had was ball ammowhich is cheep and doesn't expand and is used by most shooters for practice. The 5.56 mm / .223 cal rifle is a low caliber rifle. The 62 gran bullet travels at around 3000 ft per second. It has been know in the military as a poor stopper. The 223 cal is not allowed in many states to hunt deer. I is great for smaller animals like groundhogs and is fun to targetshoot with. It works ok for police use if they use more expensive expandig ammunition.