lmartinez Wrote:
Jul 25, 2012 9:46 AM
I just want to make this clear if a person is going to rob,rape,kill me I do not discriminate I will blow any nationality, color, race, creed away. I do believe Toure is thinking all blacks are criminals and they sure are not. Nbc your racism is showing. I am also sure if I go to a black persons house to commit a crime they will shoot me too. If someone in that theatre had a gun that loon might have killed less good people. Oh by the way I never watch nbc any more they lie. All my info was gotten from this article. All you true Americans out there please do not assume all black or white are bad. This racial divide was not what MLK hoped for nor did he ever use it to benefit himself. Obama is a divider so is Holder. God Bless America