Ernest71 Wrote:
Jul 25, 2012 12:03 AM
uhmmmm let me ask you this,,,,IF I build a company and it earns me say $600 billion dollars in net profit. NOW, just what part of MY money belongs to you or the government. THE $600b is mine AFTER taxes and expenses, my employees paid and suppliers too. So if I paid 35% on my profit, and my employees are paid and have benefits, and all that just how should I give up more money. Did you know that tax rates under Reagan were over 70% in beginning and at near 50% at end of his 8 yrs and the country's economy lasted through even Clintons 8 miserable years which the conservatives had to hold him to line to cut costs. As for a "net wealth tax" how about we set it up that EVERYONE pays 10% Fed taxes,,,done deal then we all have skin in game.