LoachDriver Wrote:
Jul 24, 2012 5:19 PM
As one rated 100% permanently disabled by the V.A. due to wounds incurred in Viet-Nam, I certainly don't want any busy-bodies from the U.N. monkeying around with U.S. laws & procedures. Nor do I want Obozo & his gang of misfits playing fast & loose with U.S. soveregnty. Want ev\idence I fought in 'Nam? www.vietnamproject.ttu.edu/banshee Merely check the unit roster for my name, Dave Livingston. No, don't know how to present evidence I've the dubious distinction to be one of our 23,214 Viet-Nam War veterans rated 100% disabled. Anyway, more than 303,000 Americans were WIA in Indochina during the Viet-Nam War, but only about half of whom, a bit more than 153,000 required any hospitalization & about 7 3/4% of our WIAs, or 23,214 of us,