RHSimard Wrote:
Jul 24, 2012 3:55 PM
Don't you think the MSM and leftist pundits should have learned something the egg on their faces after the Loughner travesty? Or is it just another example of The Big Lie, that is, BS then, BS now, but sometimes it sticks? Of course, this is the same mentality that screamed for Rush Limgaugh's head (and for his sponsors to drop him) over his rather ungracious reference to someone while the like of Bill Maher routinely attack those like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman* in far more vicious terms. *Or Carrie Prejean, whose being called things that the filters on this message-board won't let me quote (even like x***) aroused outrage, not against the one who said it, but against her. There were few calls for Perez Hilton's head.