Argyraspide Wrote:
Jul 23, 2012 6:22 PM
I have raised four daughters and I have eight grandchildren. I am very familiar with modern virtual "games" and I am also a retired Army veteran. The kids who use the computer games are not physically inured to the smell of death, blood and feces; to pain, guts and suffering, as the "hands on" kids of yesteryear. If you haven't smelled it, tasted it, felt it - you don't really know. Today kids think they are in horrible paid from a paper cut. Who is more inured - hands on or virtual? I daresay hands on. Yesteryear, parties and dances were held during a hanging and at the chopping block. Kids through rocks and taunted criminals in the stocks and in the cart on the way to the hanging or worse. I can't agree with you.