Eduardo2 Wrote:
Jul 23, 2012 10:33 AM
Larry Kudlow is a great disappointment in not being able to destroy the incredible wrong assertion by Secretary Geithner that the top 2% only "represented 2 to 3% of all small businesses and 0.02% of all small businesses income". Such a shameful lie should have given Kudlow a chance to destroy it and bring down Geithner's wrong economics. But Kudlow let it passed unchallenged. So please, Kudlow, go and read the very brief, but to the point, piece called "How Fair is the President's Fair-Tax?" at www.America' . It tells you that out of 4.3 million businesses that pay tax as individuals, they represent 91% of all income above $200K and will affected by the tax increase, and will affect 91% of the small business job creators.