Silas Longshot Wrote:
Jul 21, 2012 8:01 AM
Romney had no qualms destroying his fellow conservatives on his way to the 'presumptive' run for president. We can hope that he's waiting to 'see the whites of their eyes' before pulling the trigger on the campaign to destroy 0bama. IMO, its like an old west shootout between a bad guy and a 'good' guy. The bad guy has drawn his shootin' iron, blazing away while the 'good' guy is standing there with that weird little smirky grin hes got. It's a narrow range of outcomes for this: The bad guy runs out of bullets before hitting anything vital to kill the 'good' guy, does hit something that puts down our hero or the hero stands there taking hits, bad guy runs out of ammo, hero puts one right between the eyes. surviving urban crisis