nemar Wrote:
Jul 20, 2012 11:12 PM
It was the real (not fake) Conservatives in the US Congress that stopped-slowed, NWO-CFR-IMF-WTO-NAFTA-OPEC-SPP-NAU-EU-UN-Fed-Res-Wall-St-Saudi-Japan-China-Asia-Mex-C-S-Am-controlled, George "Islam's a religeon of peace" and "illegal-aliens only come to the USA to work "the-system", should be allowed to massively-invade-infiltrate the USA, "All-At-Our-$300-bln-yr-expense" because America is a nation of immigrants", devious-deceptive, lying-deceiver, corrupt-criminal, $cheming-$camming, Con-Job-Artist-$windler, RINO-Neo-Con, Bush-2's Admins policies ! Security Prosperity Partnership was GB-2's, Covert NAFTA-implementation-related-program started in 2005, planned-designed to unite the USA-Canada-Mexico into the North American Union !