William3012 Wrote:
Jul 20, 2012 6:26 PM
The average ethnic/religious group in this country has maybe one or two social organizations and a function hall. That's about it. Muslims represent about 1% of the population yet they have a list of organizations that seems to grows longer by the week. Maybe not all are officially under the the MB umbrella but it doesn't matter. They are all seeking the same goals, and they are all seeking and in many cases getting access to the halls of power including the White House. Here's a sampling: AIC, AMA, AMAC, AMF, AMJA, ASMA, CAIR, FOSNA, ICNA, ISA, ISNA, MAS, MB, MCA, MPAC, MSA, NAIT, NICS. The website discoverthenetworks.org has a comprehensive list. Elks clubs they are not but many in Washington look at them as if they are.