JimofCT Wrote:
Jul 20, 2012 10:47 AM
The attack by Obama suurogates that suggest Romney may have3 done something illegal should really get him Riled up enough to really go after this President and his "CHICAGO THUGS". Revco in jail, --Obama's Housew deal! BLAGO - in Jail Obama negotiating his successor position for Jarrett. Opponent candidates Divorce records publicized- Axelrod,s research to demonize all opponents. Bill Ayers "domestic Terrorist- Partner in Chicago education activities and Political supporter.Travel as a student on Unknowen visa to Country on NO GO LIST 'Refusal to enforce "LAWS" selectively -violates oath. Votes children born alive after abortion attempt- allows assisted killing a person. Romney VETTING" is a mild tertm. "EXPOSE HIM"