Bramps Wrote:
Jul 19, 2012 12:56 PM
Barak Hussein Obama Warren proves once again my theory on the LIBERAL AGENDA, LIBERAL FOLLOWERS, AND ALL OTHER SOCIALISTS ABOVE THAT LEVEL OF LIBERAL. They all suffer from MENTAL ILLNESS. They continue to prove my point. Their illnes is dyslexia of the truth, facts, and common sense and logic. It is always backwards. If Obama and Warren's theory is correct, Answer the following Facts: The states, cities and towns have town government to run the towns. In my little town of Stoneham, Ma. there are approximately 26,000 employess to carry on the town's and citizens business. I think the town employs 1000 or so. If you ratio out the other state and federal gov employees they aren't far off. So why the same number of gov and priv ees???