JimofCT Wrote:
Jul 19, 2012 9:34 AM
Hope its true "VETTING" this Radical Presaident is long overdue.. Romney is justified to speak with anger at the "CHICAGO THUG TACTICS". I recommend a major announcements to as many of the main stream media as possiblet one place:to say" f " UNLIKE CANDIDATES RUNNING AGAINST OBAMA IN CHICAGO -"VICTIMIZED BY" THE "chicago thug tactics" FROM AXELRODS digging up PRIVATE "DIRTY LINEN" -THIS TIME trhe obama team has had to lie outright! THEY OFTEN HAVE HAD TO LIE! CONSEQUENTLY, THIS CANDIDATE IS NOT GOING TO WITHDAW. INSTEAD WE ARE GOING TO FOCUS ON 'VETTING', THE NASTINESS OF HIS SECRETIVE HISTORY, DIRTY TRICKS, RADICAL AND CRIMINAL COHORTS MISREPRESENTATIONS AS PRESIDENT ET AL. - AMERICAN VOTERS NEED TO BE INFORMED!!!!